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Properties of hydrogenated nitrile-butadiene rubber and uses

HNBR, abbreviation: HNBR, or H-NBR. Are nitrile rubber (NBR for short) of new varieties.

With the development of automobiles, petroleum industry, rubber parts in addition to oil, but also has good heat resistance, high temperature, high pressure, oxygen and so on. Ordinary nitrile rubber (NBR) cannot meet these requirements, although some of the uses have been replaced with FKM, but rubber is expensive. So people started seeking on properties of NBR improved hydrogenation Ding nitrile rubber is developed to meet the needs of this new success.

Hydrogenated acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (HNBR) is obtained by hydrogenation of NBR for special treatment of a highly saturated elastomers. Hydrogen of NBR has good resistance oily can (on fuel oil, and lubricants, and aromatic Department solvent resistance anti-sex good); and due to its height saturated of structure, makes its with good of heat performance, excellent of resistance chemical corrosion performance (on freon, and acid, and alkali of has good of anti-patience), excellent of resistance ozone performance, high of anti-compression permanent deformation performance; while hydrogen of NBR also has high strength, high tear performance, and wear performance excellent, features, is integrated can is excellent of rubber one of.