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Several factors affecting the seal performance

1. speed

Speed is very low (<0.03m/s), to consider whether the equipment running smoothly and to appear "creep" phenomenon. High speed (>0.8M/s), lubricate oil film can be damaged, oil seals are not well lubricated and frictional heating, leads to reduced life expectancy.

Recommended polyurethane or rubber seals in 0.03m/s~0.8M/s speed range is more appropriate.

2. temperature

Low temperatures to flexible polyurethane or rubber seals to reduce, resulting in leaks, and even the seals become hard and brittle. High temperatures make oil volume expansion, soft, resulting in rapid increase in seal friction resistance during exercise and reduced pressure. Recommended polyurethane or rubber oil-seal continuous operating temperature range ~+80 ℃-10 ℃.

3. working pressure

Oil seal with minimum starting pressure (minimum service pressure). Low performance, low friction starting resistance of small oil seal. 2.5MPa, Polyurethane seal is not suitable for high pressure oil seals compression deformation to be considered when required for anti-extrusion ring and Groove processing also has special requirements.

In addition, different oils have different optimum working pressure range. Polyurethane seal for optimum working pressure range is 2.5~31.5MPa.

Effects of temperature and pressure on the sealing performance are interrelated, so do consider.