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Standard O-rings the size of each country

Edit:Rizhao Tongrui Rubber Products Co.,Ltd      Date:Nov 30, 2015

O-rings, also known as the O-rings, o ring o RING, is the world's most common types of seals. O-rings are often used to form a physical barrier to prevent mixed gases or fluids, simple circular shape of the O-rings proved high seal efficiency can provide a variety of applications.

Manufacture and supply of all of the following international standard size O-rings:

• SAE AS568 United States standard size O-rings

• ISO3601 international standards organization (metric o-rings)

• United Kingdom BS1806 o-rings sizes (inch)-replaced by ISO3601

• United Kingdom standard BS4518 o-rings sizes (metric o-rings)

• United Kingdom standards development of series 500-800 o-ring size (inch)

• Germany standard DIN3771 size-metric o-rings replaced by ISO3601

• France Le Joint Fran ç AIS metric o-rings 'R' size

• Japan standard JIS b 2401 (p, g, and v) o-rings sizes

• Chinese standard GB3452.92 o-ring size