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The difference between rubber and plastics

Essential difference between plastic and rubber plastic deformed plastic and elastic deformation of rubber is. In other words, the plastics not easily resuming original shape after deformation, and rubber is relatively much easier. Elasticity of plastics is very small, usually less than 100% and rubber 1000% even more can be achieved. Most plastics in forming process of molding process is complete the product is finished and rubber molding process is required after the curing process. Plastic and rubber with belongs to polymer material, main by carbon and hydrogen two species Atomic composition, another some contains few oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, Silicon, fluoride, sulfur, Atomic, its performance special, uses also special. in at room temperature Xia, plastic is solid, is hard, cannot stretch deformation. and rubber hardness not high, has elastic, can stretch variable long, stop stretch and can reply undisturbed. This is due to they of molecular structure different caused of. another a different points is plastic can times recycling repeat using, and rubber is cannot directly recycling using, Only processed into glue, then available. plastic in more than 100 degrees to 200 degrees of shape and rubber 60-100 of similar shape.