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Rubber And Plastics Industry Brand Road, A Long Way To Go

China's rubber industry after years of development, great progress has been made, but still lags behind in many high-end areas abroad. Many customers ' first choice for seals is still foreign brands, even quality domestic brands can meet or exceed the requirements, customers are willing to spend more to buy foreign brands. What are the causes of this phenomenon?

First, foreign brands to enter the Chinese market, has established a high reputation, quality is stable and reliable. Although the price is much higher than domestic brands, still is favored by customers.

Second, Chinese rubber industry seal of quality, cohabitation, if not professional quality difficult to distinguish. Cheated more people lost confidence in the Chinese seals.

Third, the domestic brands promotion rate is low, domestic brands are often within a small area, get better grades, but look to the country or even the world, well-known Chinese brands rarely.

In recent years, has often been mentioned one word "the rise of China" China's all walks of life are rapidly rising, rubber and plastics industry to keep up with the pace, started their own brand, let the world recognize China seals.