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China Sealing Industry

In recent years, rubber sealing products production and quality has gradually entered a new phase, a new period. However, these still fall far short of other industries the development of all kinds of rubber sealing products standardization and serialization of products needed, especially compared with the advanced countries, and our products in terms of product quality, also in terms of product variety, there are considerable gaps. Hundreds of forums in this issue focuses on the seal to learn concepts, contents and significance of the study, reviews the current rubber seal, mechanical seal and packing technology status, analysis of sealing technology developed in China and the world in research and new product development capability gaps, and then seal study puts forward a number of proposals in the field of the future.

Seal the overall competitiveness of the industry in China is not strong as we all know, in our country, the sealing industry says is the smallest of the industry, but the product can be used with the large industrial. Aviation, marine, petroleum, chemical, or mechanical, power generation, metallurgy, mining and so on, without seals. In short, all organic, pumps, pipes, valves, and are dependent on seals. So the industry is small, involved cover a very wide area.