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NBR Rubber Products Do Not Change The Advantages Of Color

In the manufacturing process, usually require the specific objectives of the product to select the scientific rubber material, these materials in the choice of soft, NBR Rubber Products moderate strength, good elasticity of natural rubber products, but also choose to meet some Product demand for artificial rubber. For the production of oil-resistant foam products, NBR Rubber Products in addition to the need to select a reasonable scientific and technological nitrile rubber, but also to analyze the proportion and relationship between chloroprene rubber, NBR Rubber Products and even to meet the needs of certain special products, you can also use two or more rubber and form.

Foaming agent is the most important part of the whole production of foam rubber, its selection and work efficiency, work quality is closely related. In general, the system has a good performance of the foam products must choose a scientific and reasonable blowing agent, NBR Rubber Products and the use of blowing agent, the use of methods to meet the current social development requirements. At present, the foaming agent mainly contains both organic foaming agent and inorganic foaming agent. Among them, inorganic foaming agent mainly refers to sodium bicarbonate, NBR Rubber Products ammonium bicarbonate, urea and so on. These foaming agents have the advantages of fast decomposition and low temperature in the application. In theory, the foaming performance is also good. Because of the technology used in the application of the gas is mainly carbon dioxide and ammonia, etc., the existence of these gases makes the rubber structure there is a large permeability coefficient, it is difficult to produce closed-cell foam rubber, NBR Rubber Products made of low quality rubber foam , Low strength, high shrinkage, easy to deformation, NBR Rubber Products so it is easy to use in the work alone, and generally can be used as an organic blowing agent to use.

 The current work, we commonly used foaming agent mainly contains nitrogen dicarboxamide, nitroso, diphenyl sulfonyl hydrazide ether and so on.

These materials in the application of its decomposition temperature is about 200 ℃ or more, and in the production process also need to add other blowing agent, such as urea, magnesium oxide, NBR Rubber Products zinc oxide, etc., so its decomposition greatly reduced, thermal decomposition The resulting gas mainly contains nitrogen, carbon dioxide, ammonia, etc., these gases are not only non-toxic, NBR Rubber Products odorless, and even have not pollute the environment, do not change the advantages. NBR Rubber Products Rubber foaming products made with foam larger pore size, shrinkage is also larger; the use of foaming agent, the blowing agent is stearic acid, alum, etc., after adding can significantly reduce the decomposition temperature of the blowing agent To 130 to 150 ° C.