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Fluorine Rubber Ring

Abstract: Rizhao Tongrui Rubber Products Co.,Ltd is one of the best China fluorine rubber ring manufacturers, with professional factory we are able to produce fluorine rubber ring at both good price and reliable quality, welcome to wholesale cheap products from us.
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Fluorine rubber ring products:
The molecules that contain fluorine, in accordance with the contents of fluoride (that is, the monomer structure) and there are a variety of types. At present, the most widely used fluoride fluoride rubber is the first by the DuPont Co to "Viton" the name of the commodity market. High temperature resistance is superior to silicone rubber, has excellent chemical resistance, resistance to most of the oil and solvents (except for ketones, esters), weather resistance and ozone resistance; cold resistance is less, the general use of the temperature range of -20~250. Special formula of cold resistant to -40 c..
Can heat to 250 degrees the ability to resist most of the oil and solvents, especially all the acids, aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, and animal and vegetable oils
Do not recommend the use of low molecular weight in ketones, esters and mixtures containing nitrate. Automotive, motorcycle, diesel engine and fuel system.
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