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Silica Gel Ball

Abstract: Rizhao Tongrui Rubber Products Co.,Ltd is one of the best China silica gel ball manufacturers, with professional factory we are able to produce silica gel ball at both good price and reliable quality, welcome to wholesale cheap products from us.
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Silica gel ball



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Silica gel

Silicone ball characteristics: non-toxic environmental protection and high temperature, sealing, ball smooth no loss of round rate, seam gap, ball color bright and soft hard moderate effect ideal, the general use of temperature range is -40~270, suitable for silicone oil and other media use, good gloss, wear resistance, hardness can be used, has excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance and chemical resistance. Specification phi 6, phi, phi, phi, Phi 24, Phi 26, Phi 28, Phi 30, Phi 32, Phi 35, Phi 40, Phi 48, Phi 50 to 60mm products can qualified through the RoHS 6, phthalates adjacent benzene dicarboxylic acid salt, EN71 (eight heavy metals) detection.

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